Colorful Collages


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Reading The Scraps Book and creating colorful art collages is the perfect way to introduce preschoolers to our process art series inspired by our favorite illustrators.  Lois Ehlert describes her childhood and how she began creating art in this book.  She shares beautiful images of her work space, the materials she selects, and notes from her art process.

Lois Ehlert is a classroom favorite and we include books that feature her artwork in lesson plans throughout the year.  It’s fun reading this to preschoolers because they are so familiar with her other books that they immediately recognize the work samples shared in this book.



  • The Scraps Book by Lois Ehlert
  • art journal
  • construction paper
  • yarn
  • cardboard pieces
  • buttons
  • glue
  • scissors


To prepare for this project, we cut out construction paper shapes and small pieces of yarn using a fun activity we found on the website Learn with Play at Home.  To differentiate this activity for all levels of development, you can provide pre-cut shapes that are ready to glue or allow extra practice with blank paper and scissors.



It’s best if the materials are set out on the tables before the read aloud so that children can go directly to the activity and get started without much wait time.  Display several of Lois Ehlert’s books for children to use as inspiration while they are working.  Collages are a great art technique to use with preschoolers because they can feel successful whether they have a specific picture in mind or are creating something abstract.




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