Welcome to Simply Preschool!

The purpose of this website is to share resources with teachers and parents that can easily be implemented into the classroom and home.  Simply Preschool is still in its beginning stages.  As this project develops, you can expect to find:

  • Book recommendations:  One of my favorite parts about teaching preschool is watching children develop a love for reading and learning from books.  There are so many wonderful children’s books available on every topic so I’ll be sharing some of my favorite finds here.
  • Teaching tips and resources for classroom set up:  This section will include strategies for setting up a positive classroom environment, becoming a more responsive and reflective teacher, and finding ways to build relationships with both children and adults in the classroom.
  • Parent resources:  As both a preschool parent and teacher, I will share resources for parents on topics that connect learning between home and school.
  • Activity ideas:  The majority of the activities shared here are geared towards 3-5 year olds and have a classroom setting in mind.  That said, they can easily be adapted for use with younger/older children as well as for use in the home by parents and homeschoolers.
  • Printables:  Many blog posts will contain PDF files which can be printed and copied for personal use.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with amazing mentors and teachers.  They were able to share their thought processes, valuable insights, and encouragement that inspired me to continue my work with young children.  I hope that I am able to share some of my own experiences in teaching in a way that will be useful to others.

I am still very much in the learning process and hope to use this website to help focus and guide my own professional growth. My goal is to simplify some of the more difficult and stressful parts of teaching so that classroom teachers can focus more of their energy on engaging children in playful learning experiences that build a foundation for them to become confident and lifelong learners.